China Coal International Engineering Group Shenyang Design & Research Institute
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Municipal Engineering

    Our institute hasnational Grade-B qualification inmunicipal engineering and mainly engages in the services of design and consulting on small/middle scale thermal power plant, centralized heat supply engineering, source of water supply, treatment of water supply, water transmission and distribution system, sewage treatment as well as the auxiliary engineering of water supply and drainage, fire-fighting, heating and ventilation of industrial and civil buildings.

The main engineering designs completed in the recent years include the thermal power plants such as Power Plant of Tiefa Coal Mining Bureau, Fuxin Coal Reject Power Plant and Huanren Power Plant; the centralized heat supply projects in Hegang Coal Mining Bureau, Yichun Forest Bureau Power Plant and Benxi Fanya; the large scale industrial boiler rooms of Majialiang Mine of Datong Coal Group, Dongzhouyao Coal Preparation Plant and Yima Chemical Plant; Water Source And Water Treatment Engineering of Santaizi Mine in Tiefa; sewage and waste-water-from-mining Treatment system of Shenhua Shengli No.1 Open-pit Mine; Municipal water supply pipelines of Hunnan New District of Shenyang; and surface water conveying pipeline of Yellow River.