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Open-pit Mining Engineering

  Open-pit mine design is the predominant specialty of our institute which was awarded open-pit mine design Grade-A qualification by the state. Our institute has gained about 130 national level and provincial(ministerial) level awards. It mainly enganges in the design of engineering projects,such as planning of coal mine construction base, overall planning of mine area, open-pit mining, surface flood prevention and drainage, groundwater control and slope stability. Besides, it also has the ability to undertake EPC, operating service and project management.
  For open-pit mining, our institute has many industry-leading design software, we developed “SML  Series of Open-pit Mine Design Software Package”, “Open-pit Geological Model and Design Software”, “Open-pit Mine Slope Stability Analysis and Calculation Software” and other software by ourselves, edited and participated in edition of many design specifications. We have advanced design methods.
  Over the past 60 years, the design techniques of open-pit mining technology (shovel-truck, BWE continuous mining, semi-continuous mining and dragline casting technologies) of our institute have reached the world advance level. We have the ability to undertake the designs of large and medium sized and complicated ope –pit mine projects. Our institute has finished lots of large-scale open-pit mine designs which are represented by Antaibao, Yimihe, Huolinhe, Yuanbaoshan and Heidaigou these five large open-pit mines. Recently, our institute finished Baiyinhua No.1 Open-pit Mine(7.0Mt/a),Xiwan Open-pit Mine in Shaanxi(10.0Mt/a), Baoqing Chaoyang Open-pit Mine(11.0Mt/a),Houlinehe Zhahanaoer Open-pit Mine (15.0Mt/a), Yimin Open-pit Mine(Phase IIII, 16.0Mt/a), Heidaigou Open-pit Mine(expanded to 29.0Mt/a), Shenhua Shengli No.1 Open-pit Mine in Xinjiang(30.0Mt/a),Datang Shenli East No.2 Open-pit Mine in Xinjiang (30.0Mt/a),Haerwusu Open-pit Mine(31.0Mt/a) and other large-scale open-pit mines. We have reached international advanced level and stepped toward the modern digitalized mines.
  In the last 10 years, we have actively participated in the competition in international open-pit mine design markets and achieved impressive performance, involving in the open-pit mine designs in Australia, Turkey, Myanmar, Mongolia, lndonesia, Pakistan, and some Afican Countiries with total designed capacity more the 100.Mta.