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Coal Preparaiton Engineering

      Coal preparation speciality has rich experience in design of coal preparation plant and can carry out designs according to different coal ranks, coal qualities and requirements of coal products. The speciality coal preparation mainly engages in design and consulting service of engineering projects of coal preparation plants, coal blending yards, coal stockyards and coal briquetting factories.

 Our main performances in coal preparation include the first self-designed coal preparation plant in China-Hegang Nanshan coal preparation plant; the first use of dense medium technology for the design of Coal Preparation Plant of Tonghua Iron plant; jig-dense medium technology for the design of Coal Preparation Plant of Pingzhuang West open-pit Mine, which was the first case of lignite washing in China; Coal Preparation Plant(15.0Mt/a) of Pingshuo Antailbao Opent-pit Mine designed with feed of controlled coal blending, which was the first experience on sulfur content control by combining open-pit mine and coal preparation plant; Coal Preparation Plant(12.0Mt/a)of Zhungar Heidaigou Open-pit Mine designed with advanced equipments of large-scale jig, large-scale banana sieve, large-scale bucket elevator and heavy crusher can achieve storage, screening, separating of different coal and sorting to meet the user's requirements.